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Miss Philippines Megan Young, finalist in 3 special awards of Miss World 2013

Since day one, Miss Philippines (Megan Young) was the crowd’s favorite because of her bold beauty and strong projection. 

While it is still premature to claim for Megan Young’s chances of grabbing the Miss World 2013 crown, it cannot be denied that the Philippines’ representative is doing all her best to shine in every challenge they’d come across in Indonesia. The tough Megan, as to date, has emerged as finalist for three special awards: Beach Fashion, Dances of the World, and Beauty with a Purpose.


Photo courtesy of http://www.missworld.com

Not only that, Megan’s ranking in terms of popularity or people’s choice has been consistent in dominating within the top three spot – a proof that her winning way back in the Philippines, including bragging majority of special awards, was notably deserving enough and wasn’t impacted with political motives neither was it due to her popularity edge being an actress back home.

The Philippines has been grabbing runners up in Miss World counts, but never been getting the crown; so, if Megan’s fate this year will be for that crown, it will be first for the country to receive such an honor. Undoubtedly, Megan’s chance to advance to the final round is quite evident even now being one of the crowd’s top favorites, plus, her achievement in online rankings did the speaking itself.

One important key word for pageant is “attention” and Megan triumphed over to deserve such crowd’s notice. Another element of one’s journey to the crown is consistency, and Megan, once again, successfully managed to be on top of the list. To add up the excitement, Megan’s ability to communicate is no question — this lady is just so poised with her eloquence, calmness, wit, and confidence.

Earlier then, pageant experts and analysts believed Megan Young is a strong contender for the crown – together with Brazil and France. Megan’s consistency, according to a Puerto Rican pageant expert, was extraordinary and nobody from Philippine representatives has been this consistent as Megan’s. In fact, since day one, Megan has been the crowd’s favorite because of her bold beauty and strong projection that made her stands out in everything she does; feared enough from grabbing the crown.

In her updates on Facebook, Megan has chronicled her impeccable moments with the co-candidates, shared wonderful things about them, and expressed high appreciation to diverse cultures she’s indulged with. Just all of these things, Miss Philippines (Megan Young) is no doubt of a beauty queen perfectly fits to the crown of Miss World 2013!

Don’t miss the coronation for Miss World 2013 this coming September 28th. As to date, Megan’s tough competitors for the crown are Brazil, Spain, and France. So, stay tune for the big date. (Note: Follow us on twitter for live tweets of the happenings in Indonesia this coming September 28. Twitter handle: @speakmatters)


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2 thoughts on “Miss Philippines Megan Young, finalist in 3 special awards of Miss World 2013

  1. Latest update: Megan was also a finalist in Top Model competition, one of the Top 5 in Beach Beauty!!!

    Posted by arnel rosano | September 25, 2013, 1:58 pm


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